Elevated Signals
Precision Cultivation Technology

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Our solution brings cultivation team accountability, crop optimization, and auditability to operations.

Elevated Signals provides a Health Canada compliant digital cultivation management platform that leverages wireless IoT sensors and data science to optimize controlled environment crop production. The solution encompasses seed-to-harvest compliance record keeping, inventory tracking, cultivar-specific workflow management, high-resolution environmental monitoring linked to plant IDs, as well as reporting and analytics. Elevated Signals helps producers make data-driven decisions that reduce crop loss, ensure quality, and boost profits while minimizing the ecological footprint of production.

We go beyond inventory tracking software and traditional climate control systems to focus on optimizing operations in the cultivation facility.

With our customizable crop planning tool, we help production teams move past paper logbooks and spreadsheets for task management and quality records based on CTLS and GMP requirements. Our in-canopy wireless sensors automatically monitor facilities for pathogen risk hotspots and yield dead zones at higher resolution than traditional climate control systems, though we can interface with existing systems to pull data into our modern web and mobile dashboards. We facilitate crop analysis by automatically linking environmental, nutrient, and labor data with batch/plant inventory IDs, helping producers scientifically improve every harvest. In the long term, our value lies in the dataset we are accumulating, which will be analyzed using data science to optimize production and inform our industry performance benchmarking engine.

Producers Take Control

using a simple and elegant web and mobile data science platform that: 

Brings all cultivation data under one roof to save time, coordinate team members, and avoid costly errors.

Organized, centralized, and clear so everyone can get what they need. Full accountability and QMS auditability of
production operations.

Drastically improves
environmental data resolution.

Easily tie wireless IoT sensors into the plant canopy for real-time monitoring via charts and heatmaps. Link the data to specific batches for scientific analysis.

Automates team management of specific strains in playbooks to protect IP and ensure staff performance.

Securely store crop plan IP. Automatically manage plant care and quality SOP task cycles according to customer-defined schedule, nutrient, and climate settings for each strain.

Uses data science to analyze, optimize, and benchmark all performance data.

Advanced statistical algorithms continuously assess cultivation inputs, environmental conditions, processes, and outputs to optimize the facility for maximum efficiency, yield, and quality.

Assess performance against benchmarks.