Our Partnership Program

Partner with us & help support the growth of the cannabis industry around the world

We’re working with cannabis producers, consultants, education providers, government institutions, software & hardware integrators to build a new standard for cannabis manufacturing software.  

Why partner with us?

Our software is loved and trusted by cannabis cultivators and processors right across North America. By partnering with us, you’ll have confidence that you are working with, and recommending, a proven software platform. Take a look at our customer testimonials here.  

Program benefits

Customer on-boarding & transition support

Be confident that your clients are in good hands. We provide comprehensive, Just-in-Time training so that implementation is transparent, efficient, and effortless. 

Sandbox access

Build familiarity and expertise with our platform. Help your clients complete their SOP packages by creating custom forms, and replicate these for other customers.   

API access

Add value to your existing product offering by integrating with our software. Elevated Signals is built on an open API accessible by our partners to provide compounded value to the customer. 

Research & educational access

Promote real-world and practical learning. We give students and researchers access to the same tools used by producers every day. 

Our network

What our partners say…

One of my favourite things about the team at Elevated is their determination to continually make industry-relevant improvements to their software and incorporate feedback and ideas from both myself and my clients. I recommend their system to any producers looking to ensure their operations are compliant, their product quality is superior, and their audits go smoothly.

Atiyyah Ferouz

AgCann Consultancy Ltd.

Cannabis record-keeping software like Elevated Signals is essential for any cannabis business that wants to succeed. As both a QA and cannabis consultant, I’ve worked with many LPs who believe they can keep costs low by running their businesses on pen and paper. But, ultimately, this costs significantly more. Not only in the time required to complete monthly reporting and compiling batch records, but perhaps more importantly the lack of access to important cultivation data, so critical in making improvements for increasing yield and quality. I believe Elevated Signals reduces QAP burn-out and improves the work culture environment because it simply helps you work better.

Av Singh

Flemming & Singh Inc.

Want to learn more? 

We’re always happy to chat with people you trust, so if you know a consultant, a software integrator, educator, research organization or anyone else you think we should chat with, fill out the form below.