Getting Our Hands Dirty

Our field deployment of Arable Mark sensors at @croftoncraft’s site on Vancouver Island last week was a resounding success! Huge thanks to Rich (@crafton_croft) for helping things go smoothly on site and for the @arablelabs team being on standby for support. Our operations manager, Sebastian, ran the installation with military precision so that our team of him, Benn, Liam, and Amar had the six sensor arrays prepped and installed within four hours.

Our client is determined to capture as much data as possible from the first day seeds are planted to support crop planning decisions moving forward. We're excited to work with @beardedgreenly and @arablelabs on putting the data to full use. We're logging microclimate data on active and future fields including temperature, RH, pressure, precipitation, W/m2, evapotranspiration, leaf temperature, water stress, chlorophyll index, NDVI, soil moisture, and irrigation line pressure.

We cant wait to get back out in the field for deployment.

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