Wireless Monitoring + QA Record Keeping + Cultivation Data Science

Digital Cultivation Record Keeping

GO BEYOND INVENTORY TRACKING - Be perpetually ready for DOCUMENT audit

Manage cultivation inventory and quality compliance seed-to-harvest according to Health Canada's rigorous CTLS/GPP/GMP standards all in one place so no plant or record is ever lost and everyone is on the same page. We have digital forms for plant scouting, pest control, sanitization, and other cultivation quality tasks so you can ditch the paper binders.

Standard, Micro, Nursery, and R&D Cultivation License Compatible.

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High-Resolution Environmental Monitoring

Reduce Crop Loss and Avoid Productivity Dead Zones

Environment shapes phenotype. Our wireless IoT sensors can be placed throughout your facility to drastically improve monitoring - even directly in the plant canopy. Your team never has to wonder if your crops are in their comfort zone. View trends and get alerts on any device with our modern web interface.

Data Science

Use data to get the full potential out of your production facility and each plant within it

As wholesale prices decline and the competitive environment heats up, our platform enables you to optimize operational and crop performance using the power of your dataset. We aggregate and link cultivation data to each batch ID from seed to harvest to lab test report, which is the best way to analyze and improve performance.

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Automatically link wireless IoT sensor data to plant IDs for analysis, get notified about suboptimal conditions, reduce pathogen risk.

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Improve yield, cost, energy,  water, and profit performance against internal and industry benchmarks.

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Scale up facilities and cultivation operations with confidence.

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Stay compliant, be audit-ready, prevent errors, ensure product safety.

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Get cultivation teams organized, save time, streamline labor, secure corporate data history.