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It all began at UBC back in 2016 when our CEO, Amar Singh, returned to grad school to study water engineering. Around the same time, a leading sungrown cannabis producer, Tantalus Labs, was looking to build a space-age, custom-designed, cannabis-tailored greenhouse near Vancouver, British Columbia.

Amar met his co-founders, Benn, Hardeep, and James, in 2016 as well and they decided to partner up. The founding team initially spoke to Tantalus Labs to discuss potential water issues that they would face with the new facility, but it soon became apparent that there were other areas of the operation – particularly granular environmental monitoring, quality assurance record-keeping, and inventory tracking – that could benefit from an advanced software solution.

At the time, the majority of cannabis facilities were using legacy seed-to-sale software combined with paper, spreadsheets, and whiteboards for inventory management and compliance – most still are today. This isn’t sustainable for mid-size or large producers, let alone small facilities.

That’s when Elevated Signals was born – the team set about building a platform that would reform environmental optimization, quality monitoring, and audit reporting. 

Fast forward to today and Elevated Signals is a venture-backed, fully-fledged manufacturing execution system (MES) that combines batch production, quality compliance, and environmental data into a single platform. Our software is used every day by producers of all sizes, and we’re the fastest-growing regulated manufacturing execution and quality software company in Canada.

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