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For production teams who are relentless
in their pursuit of quality. 

Manage inventory, create detailed GxP batch production records, and monitor environmental data to ensure quality with
Elevated Signals software.

There is a very strong correlation between producers using Elevated Signals and high-quality cannabis products

Grow Batches, Not Binders

Automated Batch Records

Stop drowning in outdated seed-to-sale software and cumbersome piles of regulatory paperwork. Track adherence to quality SOPs on laptops or mobile devices to automatically generate fully paperless, pharmaceutical-grade GPP/GMP batch records. Build customizable reports to satisfy auditors, regulators, and your own internal quality protocols.

The Future of Production Management

Inventory Tracking
that Works

First-generation seed-to-sale software has fallen short of expectations. With our modern inventory management system, keeping track of plants and processed materials is easy and accurate. Prepare government (CTS) reports in minutes instead of days. Plus, keep track of equipment, supplies, and consumables so production bottlenecks are a thing of the past.

Data is Everything – Monitor and Analyze

Know Your Environment

With integrated environmental sensor data, your team never has to wonder if your crops are in their comfort zone. Sensor data history is automatically linked to location and batch IDs for analysis. View trends and get alerts on any device.

Production Area Managed (ft2)

Number of Hours Saved Per Staff Member Each Week (Minimum)


Health Canada and CRA Tax Inspections Passed

Average Customer ROI

Trusted by industry leaders

“Since our company started using ES, their team has continued to strive for consistent improvement of our experience. The newest time-saving feature is the ability to summarize the month’s work orders in a single spreadsheet. Descriptive, easily sorted, easily interpreted, it cut down the time spent on inventory by half. It’s easier now to see the changes to each substance type and simply apply it to the correct workbook field. I can’t thank them enough for taking the headache out of month-end.”

– Katie Kapcsos, 314 Pure Cannabis 


“We recently completed our first audit with Health Canada. As a part of the review, they requested our batch records. When they saw the batch PDF pulled (simply) from Elevated Signals they said that it was very easy for them to follow the crop through to completion and were very happy that all the batch records were in one document. Thank you, Elevated Signals!”

– Niki Tusnady, Habitat Craft Cannabis

“After reviewing our options, we decided Elevated Signals was the best solution available to digitize our batch compliance records system, to give us real-time visibility into our operations, and to provide a platform to continually optimize our processes as we scale up.”

– Mike Lattimer,
VP Operations, Pure Sunfarms

“If you are an aspiring [producer] that is looking to reduce its QA labour load, I cannot say enough about Elevated Signals. They automate compliance with flexible process reporting 5 years ahead of the curve.”

– Dan Sutton, CEO, Tantalus Labs

“It’s a pleasure working with a team that truly understands the needs of craft producers. They have been working tirelessly to implement every feature I request, and as a computer scientist, I respect them greatly!”

– Dr. Earl Oliver,
CEO, Vodis Innovative Pharmaceuticals

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